Healthcare of Sylvandell's Rocky Mountain Horses

Vaccinations and dental care, worming, grooming, handling and training are all part of routine horse health and we maintain medical records to include regular farrier and veterinary work.

Horsetrac Microchips

All Sylvandell Rocky Mountain Horses are Microchipped for Identification using the HORSEtrac System. 
In addition, in the event of a natural disaster or if a horse is stolen, we Micro-chip all our horses with the AVID HORSEtrac USA System, a protection network for MicroChipped Horses. Certificates of transfer accompany each horse when sold to a new owner. This critical information may one day return a lost or stolen horse to its rightful owner.

For more information about Horsetrac please visit their website at

The Lives of Sylvandell's Rocky Mountain Horses...
A local 82 year old neighbor once told us that when he dies, he wants to be reincarnated as a Rocky Mountain Horse and live at Sylvandell Farms! "Because'" he went on to say, "You treat your horses better than most people treat their children." This said, let us tell you that this great treatment also includes discipline. We do not "spoil" our Rockies. They must learn respect. But we do give them the best of care.

Enjoy a few photos of a day at Sylvandell Farms


Bay Lady
March 1986 - January 2014

Sylvandell Farms of Cynthiana, Kentucky

Sweet, gentle mare - maker and caretaker of babies - easy ride. We will miss you old girl and wish you greener pastures where aches, pains, and arthritis don't exist. 
You were a special broodmare and a great friend.
Thank you for your service!