This is a working farm though, and there is always plenty to do. A local sheep farmer, and the town's gourmet pastry chef!, sometimes has orphaned lambs that need "saving," so we not only raise our own animals, we save his lambs! They are rather fun though and follow you around waiting for their next bottle feeding!

Self-motivated, dependable, and honest, we strive to breed
the best horses, the best beef cattle possible. Our bed, barn and breakfast is a 400 sq. ft. apartment in the equipment shed where we lived for two years while we built our home.

‚ÄčIf you want to vacation and work on the farm, we can accommodate! But why muck stalls when you can just walk the fields, fish the ponds, feed crackers to the miniature donkeys, relax with a good book and let our beautiful rolling hills lull you to a nap?!

Then when the day is done and the work is finished, we head for the house and relax - because we're all dog tired! We hope you'll come visit and see our farm...

Most of our work centers around horses. While David does the grunt work, Paulette rides daily, sometimes working 3 or 4 horses under saddle. If we aren't riding, we are trimming, bathing, grooming and freshening stalls. When sold, our horses have a 30 day money back guarantee. All the horses are trained to obstacles, farm equipment, heavy road traffic and are very trail worthy.

Of course, when we have visitors, we take time for a little play.

Life Is Beautiful at Sylvandell Farms

Labs from left to right: Maryster's Viking Bleu Freyja, her dad - Trendy's Show Me in Bleu, and Bella Midnatt Sol "Sola".

Our three Labrador Retrievers and six barn cats are part of the family. The labs greet visitors with toys in their mouths and are always willing to play ball. They run the fields, swim the lake and generally hang out while we go about our daily chores. Freyja is a Therapy Dog and works at hospitals and assisted living homes.

We are David and Paulette Klein. We retired from the United States Air Force in the 1990s. In addition, David is retired from Delta Air Lines after only eight short years. David grew up on a Missouri dairy farm; Paulette grew up in Pennsylvania loving and riding horses. Times changed when we moved to Kentucky. Finally, after 40 years, we realized our dream to own a small cattle and horse farm in the hills of Kentucky.In 2003, we purchased 52 acres of land which consisted of two small neglected farms. We burned dilapidated structures, removed old fence lines and built new fences, then we fertilized and seeded the land for grazing and hay pastures. We've since added another 73 acres and continue as good stewards of our herds and land. In Harrison County, we are both Certified Master Cattlemen and Certified Soil Conservationists.

Cricket dreams of being a house kitty. She finds ways to escape detection when she comes in the house, then cozies up in a quiet place to stretch and nap.

Buckshot and Lambie Pie

Welcome to Sylvandell!

Sylvandell Farms of Cynthiana, Kentucky